12 of the greatest stories revealed on CNNMoney.com

Written by Laura Kusisto, CNN

There are some people who are almost too good to be true.

These characters are like the tattooed dude who would rather die than go to the dentist. Because you know he’s already dead.

Like the dude who claims he’s the anti-Christ. Because we kind of already have the idea of who the anti-Christ is.

Like the scammers with passports — because those passports are only good for one trip. Because you know who has never traveled outside this country.

Like the D.C. cab driver, who boasts he’s visited almost every country on Earth. Because we also think there’s something very wrong with our nation’s capital.

Like the random guy on the street, who always seems to know the plane’s landing at Chicago, when actually the flight you’re using could have dropped in from any airport. Because I just started writing this.

Like that girl who insists the internet works. And literally holds your hand when we explain something completely unlike what you’ve ever seen on the internet before. Because she just knows.

What is the true story of the hunt for “electric” cobalt, the electrifyingly precious element that has been steadily vanishing from the earth?

It’s much stranger than you think.

1 / 13 According to researchers, the location of cobalt is highly dependent on climate change. Credit: SWNS

After getting quite an unexpected dose of attention this week thanks to an exclusive story on CNNMoney, Digital Spy and a top Chinese news site, the story behind the lithium cobalt carbide (LCB) heist is now getting a look from CNN’s own channel.

CNN’s senior producer for business and economics Laura Kusisto spoke to people who know what’s really happening.

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