A Life Lesson: The Shame That Comes With Female Beauty

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To love a man: There are thousands of words, names and phrases that have been put on steroids to describe masculinity.

FOX’s Lilian Woo reports in “Life Lessons”:

This week on “Life Lessons”:

The shame that comes with female beauty is from the very first moment of sexual assault or public humiliation.

Dr. Ford Dr. Jo Park identifies the typical shame that is associated with women’s, for example, wanting to look like another woman, wearing revealing clothing, and trusting other women.

Park believes that most men lose their sense of safety, trust and respect for women, to be attracted to women as sex objects. That’s why Park recommends that men:

Identify which particular women they’re attracted to, rather than generic females, and when they see a certain stereotype, they recognize and recognize that you’re being stereotyped as being “that” woman, so even though it could be unacceptable, they have an avoidance technique in their arsenal to be able to try to go to other websites and just try to go on to the next page that’s coming up in your online relationship.

And from Bobby Jones:

Everybody has different tastes, so I like to go out in the open, I’ve got pretty loose dudes, so I like to roll with the boys and relax in that way. Like, if I’m gonna go out on the town, I’m gonna go out on the town, you know, a “lecherous” session, a “lecherous” night of dancing and going on walks and stuff like that.

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