Add your voices: helping secure change in Afghanistan

The challenge to drive a national movement

Unless there are new forces in politics I don’t see good governance returning to Afghanistan in the near future. Since the beginning of this month a very critical mass of our sister women in Afghanistan have registered their voter cards, launched a Facebook account and started a group called Women’s Voices for Change (WVFC) with this in mind. We support a few dozen women who are on a mission to drive social change in the world’s largest war-torn country. In the next few months the WVFC will begin applying for government grants and that could be just the beginning of a movement with a nation-wide impact.

Dinki, Afghanistan. Photograph: Rodricus

Boutwell, Pakistan. Photograph: Rodricus

Thousandari, Afghanistan. Photograph: Rodricus

Talat, Pakistan. Photograph: Rodricus

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They are all learning to be micro-media activists – activists who are about showing us the things we haven’t seen before. With the economic forces happening today the net-savvy youth of the world is taking matters into their own hands. And in the future it’s going to be entirely up to us – the generations that came after us – to get the world running on the right path. It’s time for a new kind of diplomacy that is courageous, creative and data-driven.












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