Armed tourists take selfies in front of the Colosseum naked

If, like many tourists, you’ve been beaten up by the ring of security guards keeping watch over the Colosseum, you might be feeling a bit feisty. And just to test the strength of your pique, you could lock yourself in, stripped to the waist, and refuse to come out until you’re served a fresh beer.

In case you missed it, CNBC aired a report this week about a form of extreme drunk tourism in which groups of tourists smuggle open beers into Rome’s historic landmark, which also holds the record for the largest outdoor amphitheater in the world.

“The visit to the Colosseum in Rome has always been a fun and frenetic experience,” said Calvin Karz, a scientist from Indianapolis who has visited the Colosseum several times with his wife.

The four beers Karz and his wife drank in two of their trips to the Colosseum is hardly a record, though. Last year, residents of Rome reported seeing large groups of drunken tourists swilling beer in front of the nearby Pozzo Petrucci synagogue. The U.S. embassy in Rome helped investigate what people were drinking — and showed them photos of raving tourists carrying open vodka bottles.

However, whether or not that’s what these tourists did in the recent video above, did anyone really need the wine before doing the simple task of going to the Colosseum?

Read the full story at CNBC.


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