Bogotá, Bucharest wash out in Romanian deluge, as death toll from flooding rises to 100

Partialy Ionescu/Sky

Hours after bodies were brought to the main Romanian morgue, most had to be transferred to another facility after overflow overflowed into a hallway and fountain, authorities said Monday.

Flooding has killed hundreds and caused billions of dollars in damage, mostly in southern and eastern Romania.

The tragedy has sparked outrage at the Romanian government and calls for its resignation, as some people complain they were not told about flooding before their homes were damaged.

In the town of Codrus, 35 kilometers (22 miles) southwest of Bucharest, photos posted on social media showed residents looking up at a roof, which was caked in mud and debris after being engulfed by floodwaters over the weekend.

Photos in the national news agency Agerpres showed a man dead on the ground by a windmill; two people were dead in the town of Argandam, and the bodies of two others were carried outside a maternity hospital, which was flooded, according to the agency.

The Council of Human Rights of the European Union voiced “very serious” concerns about security and access for people with physical disabilities and children.

Those detained for questioning faced misdemeanor charges for storm-related damage to public property, according to local news agency Realitatea Eclat. Other inmates were being moved to another facility.

Local police said Monday that three cities were still affected by the aftermath of last week’s heavy rain and flooding, which are the latest victims of a four-year spell of unusually heavy rains and flooding.

On Sunday, police found the bodies of three climbers who fell off a cliff during a day hike in the mountains east of Bucharest. In neighboring Austerea province, the town of Talete was particularly badly hit after an unprecedented torrent that broke a nearby dam, flooding part of the town with water several meters (yards) deep. Authorities said they had only received reports of two fatalities so far.

Last week, hundreds of homes were destroyed by the violent weather and flooding. Hundreds more remained uninhabitable, and authorities in Gabara province in eastern Romania said the local morgue had more than 300 bodies.

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