Church members kidnapped in Haiti freed unharmed

Written by Staff Writer

Two young American missionaries kidnapped in Haiti last week, were released unharmed Friday.

Members of a Missionary Ridge church in Georgia traveled to Haiti on February 28 and wanted to help local residents in the quake-damaged country with clean water, healthcare and rural agriculture.

“The two young missionaries who were taken hostage will be returning home to Savannah, GA and Maine to their parents,” said the church in a written statement on Facebook.

The Monmouth County, New Jersey-based chapter of the Presbyterian Church (USA) released a statement Friday, saying six people were arrested and “extensively beaten” on March 1.

There were further arrests in the mid-March, when two people were arrested and three others sought. One of the jailed men was released by then, but the other three were held without charges, according to the statement.

“As a result of these arrests two of the young men who were kidnapped were released and flown out of Haiti to Santiago, Chile for emergency medical attention,” said the Presbyterian (USA) website.

On April 3, a bus carrying the missionaries was found abandoned by U.S. embassy personnel and they were “released unharmed.”

Officials from both governments and church leadership are involved in the investigation and recovery efforts.

According to the website, the PNG churches are held together through shared governance and communications.

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