Dutch police fire warning shots at protesters blocking Amsterdam airport

Injuries are being reported after Dutch police fired warning shots at a group of people taking part in an anti-lockdown protest in the Hague on Thursday.

According to local media, ten people have been injured in all and seven are reportedly suffering from light injuries after they fell down a stairwell while protesting against anti-locking measures.

Protestor Emlod Soubray was taking part in the protest for the first time. “They didn’t hit me, but I saw an older person who was hit. I saw them shooting warning shots at people who couldn’t move,” he told the Dutch news outlet NRC.

The anti-locking rule is a regulation enacted at domestic airports in the Netherlands to stop anyone from bypassing security. The protesters were rallying against the ban and aiming for the flights destined for the Dutch capital.

“Tory gates, metal detectors and sentries are what people want when they pass through airport security,” the protestors wrote in a Facebook post ahead of the protest. “They want to see open-door check points, not anti-lock gates.”

Many protesters in the Netherlands say they are deeply fearful of the effects of Brexit. Brexit negotiations are set to come to a head on June 21. “Holland must remain a nation of border-free travel and Schengen travel,” one Facebook post said. “On 23 June, a divided EU-UK will be able to see the absurdity of mutual mutual excuses to protect borders and restrict movement.”

Dutch news website CMT reports that police have started to clear those who were blocking the traffic, using tear gas.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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