FBI data show a ‘hotspot’ of gun seizures worldwide

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Monica Murphy, CNN Florence

The FBI’s newly published databank of global gun seizures show an ongoing spike in the percentage of its seizures made by law enforcement in US domestic “hotspots.”

At the beginning of December, the FBI’s possession records for 2017 were made available online and the agency released statistics for all 10 of its regions for the first time since 2009.

It revealed that in 2017, 94% of firearms seizures worldwide were made in its domestic hotspots: areas with a local population of 50,000 people or less. In the same calendar year, that figure was 86%.

Here are some data points from the report’s regional breakdowns.

1. Southern US

The US has the highest number of seizures globally, with 6,137 in just the Southern US, including 81 in the 2nd District of Texas, which includes Austin and San Antonio.

Southern and eastern parts of the US, especially Texas, Pennsylvania and New York, are the world’s second and third most popular destination for the most common gun – an AR-15 rifle.

2. Southern Middle East

The majority of seizures were in the US and Iraq; the United Arab Emirates led the way for the Southern Middle East, seizing 1,138 firearms.

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3. Southern Black

A country where authorities have the highest number of seizures globally, South Africa, holds at least four out of every five of the guns seized for what law enforcement says are domestic- or illicit-use crimes.

Los Angeles had the highest number of seizures worldwide – 311 firearms were taken from traffickers there, the largest number of any city in the world.

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