FIRST YOU’RE GOING TO LIE: John Travolta Continues to Deny He Committed Domestic Violence

More than a decade after he divorced first wife Frannie, after sharing for eight years with Chilean rugby player Viola Fernández, after welcoming son Anthony. And after marrying for the fifth time two years ago.

In the process he remains a strong advocate for marriage equality and a strong believer in the institution of marriage.

But as he acknowledges in an interview published this week in The Guardian, he and not Frannie were the ones who called time on their marriages, and before he followed suit, she felt compelled to do the same.

It was a painful decision, which grew out of him learning of allegations that Frannie was unfaithful to him.

That was nearly 20 years ago, and while Frannie was committed to marrying him and working through the life-changing split, she declined, as did their son, to join them.

During the interview, he recounts the trauma he and his children endured. “When people accused me of abuse, I had to make the correct choice: ‘no,’ he says in a video posted to the Guardian. “My third wife went through the same thing, and she also walked away from me, because she was starting to question if she was right.”

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