Fox News denies it fired Rob Lowe and doubles down on Steven Crowder

In a remarkable weekend, two high-profile Fox News commentators published official statements announcing they were leaving the network.

That combined with actor Rob Lowe’s weekend tweet that he had been fired has forced the network to deny a report that he had been pushed out.

“Rob Lowe was never fired and never threatened with termination. Fox News Group does not make personnel decisions based on tweets,” a Fox News spokesman said.

Lowe claimed he was fired after speaking out against sexual harassment at Fox News in 2014 and 2016, a stance he maintained over the weekend.

“Three years ago Fox was quick to condemn inappropriate comments about sexual harassment by Bill O’Reilly. In both cases, Fox was wrong,” Lowe wrote in his tweet. “In both cases, I was removed from my shows. Now I have been dismissed from my company because I spoke up on what remains Fox’s single biggest failing.”

Both Steven Crowder and Jesse Watters resigned over their work at Fox News. Watters, one of the network’s biggest stars, also argued Fox News President Bill Shine and other network leaders are not listening to critics of their channel.

A Fox News contributor named Cliff Kincaid’s name came up first in Watters’ announcement. Watters said Kincaid was “guilty” of “hiring and propagating a witch hunt accusing some of our anchors of sexual harassment.” Kincaid makes a career of distorting government data to have liberals and the media as the ‘enemy.’

Kincaid has been arrested two times, twice for arson, for breaking and entering and reportedly once for assaulting a husband and wife.

Cliff Kincaid has been arrested twice, twice for arson, for breaking and entering and reportedly once for assaulting a husband and wife.

“No longer,” Watters wrote. “But I’ve resigned. My departure is NOT connected to current Fox Sports 1 ratings woes. Both Watters’ World and the still-untitled panel show I’m hosting will return this fall.”

Lowe, meanwhile, tweeted he was “very proud to have been a part of Fox & Friends” for its 15 years. “Now, we are out, because a few guys in suits won’t let that be known.”

Lowe also took to Instagram to condemn Fox News as one of the worst employers in the country. He called the network’s handling of allegations of sexual harassment “so bad” that it will result in “a huge scandal.”

“These are not just claims and rumors, many have been filed lawsuits, and a few have been very public,” Lowe wrote. “And remember that in the movie they pulled a documentary on China and fired all the workers and even killed one man… not true? While Fox has paid out millions of dollars in settlements, proving that sexual harassment happened is no easy task, it is important, and it’s not going away.”

“What was a corporate secret in the business world now can and will be debated in election and courtrooms for years to come. Fox needs to clean house and release everyone that was mistreated. Not just corporate people.”

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