‘Game of Thrones’ star pays homage to victims of Philly shooting spree

Oscar-nominated actor Pedro Pascal, who stars in the upcoming “Star Wars” series on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service, says he paid homage to the gunman who killed two police officers and wounded three others on a crowded Philadelphia street in April.

The actor who plays villain Oberyn Martell on the HBO series “Game of Thrones” was ambushed on the set of his upcoming series “The Mandalorian” on the lot in Hollywood.

After a Los Angeles Police Department officer and a Philadelphia police officer were killed and three others were wounded in a shooting rampage on April 9, Pascal told a news conference on the set, the victims were his friends.

“What would you think if you woke up and your friends were killed? We were not kidding when we said that it was going to happen here,” he said in a video of the news conference he posted on Twitter.

“Today, I did a play I don’t think I’m allowed to tell you about on the Mandalorian. I’m fine, you’re fine, but the play was an homage to the ones that weren’t able to make it out,” he said, adding: “We understand.”

The gunman, Cesar Sayoc, was shot by police and arrested on Friday outside of a Miami post office. He had been driving a van filled with pipe bombs that rattled political and entertainment centers before they were all defused by the U.S. government.

The attacks revived concerns about the vulnerability of U.S. elected officials and first responders in high-profile public venues.

Pascal appeared at a news conference with director Jon Favreau on Friday to promote “The Mandalorian,” an animated series about the title character fighting the Mandalorian faction of the Klingons.

The series will premiere on Disney’s upcoming streaming service in early 2020.

– Reuters

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