Heart’s Holidays With Special Delivery: Belgium

Heart’s Sarah Smith swoops in with a cab to say goodbye

How have you been getting on with your holidays?

Heart is crossing the channel to catch up with guests and friends who’ve called on our Holiday Hotline at a stunning view in Belgium’s picturesque Jura mountains.

The holidaymakers we fly out with are among the best travelled this side of the channel and they’re kicking back with cards and memories of what’s been an unforgettable, if slightly stressful, adventure.

On the way in, three of our guests put together a fun video and a pre-flight itinerary filled with activities perfect for families. With a long-haul flight due to take off within an hour of us arriving, we try to cram in everything that can possibly be tackled.

Here are the key challenges that we faced:

After flying in, we couldn’t get flights. We had a 3am charter into La Rochelle, but had to cancel a 4pm London departure.

The pressurised cabin wasn’t great for one passenger. She’s flying with bad back.

Despite investing in insurance, we were told it wouldn’t cover this flight.

On top of all that, she didn’t give us permission to speak to her — though we did manage to talk to her ahead of the flight.

Within minutes of leaving the airport, we were met by her lawyer who was threatening court action if we didn’t allow her to speak to us.

To top it all off, the Irish “airport security” was so excessive that it ultimately cost us thousands of pounds in lost luggage costs.

It’s had us bouncing around all night…

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