How to boost US tourism with Asia, Europe in mind

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

According to the American Society of Travel Agents , the US tourist board, tourism officials are placing a lot of focus on International tourist traffic this year, especially those from America’s Asian and European neighbors.

Dubbed the “Second Wave,” the effort aims to reverse a decade-long slump, both in US and international tourism.

While Niki Werkheiser of the US Travel Association points out that “not all the data are in yet,” she notes that arrivals from Asian countries appear to be the main drive behind the push.

Asians have traditionally been less happy with the US than Europeans and some African travelers.

On the flip side, Werkheiser adds, African American travelers are far more likely to visit at times of peace and tranquility.

The endeavor is being orchestrated by a new team to help expand visitor arrivals.

Led by USTOA Executive Director Charles Rivkin, who was appointed in 2015, the task force “consists of leaders from a broad range of industries to better understand current trends, examine national interests and plan partnerships to increase demand for US travel.”

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