How to watch the solar eclipse and everything else

Using photos taken by NASA, you can see a great-looking space eclipse today! If you weren’t able to see it live, you can watch the eclipse in two different perspectives: first, by watching it on the big screen, and second, by using a smartphone app.

The full details about how to watch the eclipse:

Watch It: I22015

Launch NASA’s NASA TV channel. (If you use the Optmux app, press the green arrow to see the menu with a list of the NASA TV channel.) Make sure you have the app open. Then, use the app to see what channel is currently being broadcast. (Note: You have to sign in to the app to use it.) If it’s the full moon/halo channel, you’ll see the exact same screen as I22015.

Popular Mechanics are ready to bring you news, photos, thoughts, and reviews of everything related to I22015. We’ll be covering the eclipse from a few spots around the country. In addition to looking at the eclipse yourself, you can click here to see the full NASA live stream in other ways.

You can watch live on NBC station KCPQ in Seattle and you can view the eclipse on CBS station KNSD in San Diego. Click here to watch the eclipse on all CBS affiliates on YouTube.

On the big screen: Sky Centers in Cincinnati and Knoxville, Tenn., will use special new projection systems.

Watch It: Trek Out Here

One might argue that this is better than standing in front of a screen. If you think you can get close to the moon and then touch it, you have the option of recording and then taking a photo of the moon to include in your ƒ of history.

What was your view of the lunar eclipse today?

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