Is there a menorah there on a Christmas tree? No – or there’s more than one

You know who’s going to Christmas without a Christmas tree? Any normal person who doesn’t like spending their office party basking in the outside world’s Christmas glow.

But it happens every year. You walk into a welcoming building and, rather than peace on earth, you find another big, bright spruce barrelling through the entrance. You may even be there a while before finding that you’re the only people around who don’t own a Christmas tree.

And what if it’s not just not a Christmas tree that’s in sight? You know, more than one. Weirdly, there are actually two Christmas trees in a place like this: one that’s supposed to be a Christmas tree, and one that’s supposed to be a Yule log. That’s a bit like being at a restaurant and being told the staff only serves fish, because there’s a yelping log lying on the side of the kitchen next to all the food.

Only this time, the yelping log comes from the menorah, and it looks a lot different. If the Yule log is white and bright, the menorah is… well, you’ll have to go and ask someone why that is.

This trend of having more than one menorah (or more than one yule log) isn’t new, but it still does look odd in a place like this, and it’s even less unusual on a Yule log with a bunch of Christmas trees painted on it. It’s doubly odd if you’re not really sure if there’s a menorah there in the first place – does it stand out among all the glittering, colourful Christmas trees, or is it just a bit unloved, like one of those wooden rocking horses with the electrical shock cord still attached?

In fact, chances are, you would have noticed one, if you knew what you were looking for.

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