Jerusalem’s Israeli consulate expands, PM Netanyahu says

This video posted by Wafa Amr is grainy and chaotic, with filming footage shot from from a helicopter.

Here’s the footage first released in April by Israeli government press office, as well as Wafa Amr’s original tweet.

CNN has been unable to reach the Wafa Amr for comments.

In a new video, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office says it has agreed to double the size of the Jerusalem consulate and the consular building will be located in occupied East Jerusalem.

A previous version of this video, uploaded to the prime minister’s YouTube channel in April, also had video caption claiming Jerusalem’s consulate is expanding.

This video appeared to have been deleted.

Those who think the video may have been deleted can see it is in fact still on YouTube.

“The Jerusalem consulate will double its current size, allowing it to take care of the overflow of Israeli non-citizens and offer assistance and a more equal system of services,” says the brief statement published by the prime minister’s office.

It says President Donald Trump announced on December 6 2017 that he would move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“The Israel government sees no room for American consular service in East Jerusalem, which remains under Israeli sovereignty.”

Trump’s plan “confirmed the fact that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital” and “created an opportunity that neither in reality nor policy could ignore,” it says.

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