Jim Acosta discusses Elizabeth Warren and the “Let’s Go Brandon” chants

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta – who was heckled throughout a contentious exchange between President Donald Trump and Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren last week – downplayed the “Let’s Go Brandon” chants, reported by multiple outlets, that appeared to be directed at him.

“The only thing I know is that [Rep. Tim] Ryan– one of the Congressional Black Caucus members– told me the other day, like on the House floor– ‘when y’all go down here [in the White House], keep y’all eyes on the real issues,’” Acosta said. “‘Y’all not gonna know what’s going on down here if y’all keep your eyes on an idiot like this. He’s a distraction.’ And so I’m not really in the mood to focus on that. So, I’m not really really worried about it, either.”

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Let’s Go Brandon is the phrase former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz used in an e-mail to supporters days after the 2016 election. We teamed up with the Huffington Post, @micron_washington, CNN’s Jacob Soboroff and @abc7chicago to make it a reality. This new interactive feature looks at how the words “Let’s Go Brandon” have made their way into mainstream culture through stories, memes, etc. Using nearly 14,000 tweets, Blog: Let’s Go Brandon shows that both people and politicians like President Donald Trump picked up on the phrase and that there’s widespread acceptance for this playful phrase.

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