Kanye West and Drake will perform at the Los Angeles Coliseum

After a lengthy, publicized video posted on Instagram on Friday, Kanye West announced a possible collaboration between him and Drake on Dec. 29, highlighting a joint concert featuring the two artists that will take place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

The concert will celebrate the 25th anniversary of West’s “Touch the Sky” album and the DMC Foundation honoring the late Washington DC-based gang member turned gang leader, HBK King, who was murdered in the 1980s.

West released his ill-fated album “Ye” in the summer of 2017 with several strong songs which were presumably intended to lead to collaboration with Drake, including two songs “Lift Yourself” and “Good Soldier.”

Soon after, West told his fans during his Madison Square Garden performance that he had worked with Drake, and his commentary had led to speculation that his brother-in-law Jay-Z was planning a reunion tour of the pair’s three collaborative albums from 2013-2015, but neither is touring at the moment.

West told TMZ in September that he and Drake recorded “probably more records together than [Jay-Z] ever will” and in November, it was reported that West was in the studio working with Drake, who is frequently rumored to be Jay-Z’s friend and foe.

The confirmed collaboration between Drake and West is known as “Free Larry Hoover,” and fans appear to be eager to hear the unreleased songs.

Fans hoped the show would take place on Sunday, but it’s unclear whether it will in fact be performed on Dec. 29.

The performance date will be updated on Sunday, Dec. 30.

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