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Creative Agency Launches New Conference Across Africa

– Zia Chishti, founder and chairman of the Africa International Media Consortium (A.I.I.), has announced his decision to step down as CEO and chairman of Afiniti, the platform designed to nurture and promote a new generation of African media leaders. He will be replaced by former Founder of Business Live Africa, and Global CEO of The World Economic Forum on Africa, Segun Osoba.

As a media businessman Chishti has championed a unique collective vision that connects the world’s best media talent and the best writers of quality writing and journalistic excellence with the globe’s first global network of smart, cutting-edge organizations that deliver value to the community. It was Chishti’s vision that Afiniti was created as a platform and company to replace the language barrier and provide the tools to communicate and produce rich, quality stories. With the consistent shift from print to web, and digital to mobile, print media faces a challenging yet exciting future. People, knowledge and content are too entrenched to disappear so quickly, but social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and the like mean that words can now travel much faster around the world and change audience perception – for the better – and as a result the spread of stories and ideas has increased exponentially. Afiniti’s newest clients include Inter Milan, the world’s fourth most watched soccer club and the woman who invented #MeToo.

African media professionals are much more mobile, the need for content and timely information has never been greater and the challenges have never been greater – particularly in Africa where still more than three million Africans flee their communities annually and migrate seeking a better life. Africa’s youth population, which as of this year will number nearly four billion, are widely considered to have the potential to take Africa to the next level if only given the tools and the tools can amplify their voice and positive messages across the continent and also the world. But digital platforms like Facebook and Twitter have many hidden challenges which can diminish the impact of their contributions – including widespread fraud, fake stories and the misuse of social data. More cyber crime and privacy breaches are being reported on a daily basis. People are looking for ways to block the most sophisticated hackers and cyber criminals from meddling with their private lives, but this is not always possible. Over a billion people have been hacked and their private data stolen in the past decade and a half, and as a result advertisers are being held to ransom over privacy breaches and cyber hacks as reported by the Financial Times, and Foreign Policy. Dr. Segun Osoba will become the new Executive Chairman of Afiniti and will be backed by one of the world’s strongest publishing communities and the world’s largest networks of African media firms – established by Chishti in 1996. He will be joined by Paul Garbus, CEO of the Makro Group and recognized media thought leader, Afiniti’s team will be strengthened by many highly regarded digital media professionals. Afiniti is focused on building a platform that will empower the next generation of African media executives, and one that will give media organizations in Africa, the ability to connect and strengthen digital and print outlets across the continent.

Segun Osoba’s experience in digital innovation, leading global media organizations, and entrepreneurial ventures such as his previous roles with Business Live Africa and the World Economic Forum have prepared him to lead Afiniti.

Osoba said, “During the past year, we have evolved our business from a platform to an organization with a comprehensive and high-touch technology platform; a unique leadership program; and a career support network. We are planning to grow our clients to hundreds of thousands of professional members, and will hire the very best team, which includes a highly qualified digital media team of more than 700 people in 12 offices worldwide. As the platform and its impact expands across Africa we will unveil many exciting and new products and initiatives.”

Chishti is a media entrepreneur and one of Africa’s leading personalities. He has built Afiniti to a core group of more than 70 media organizations in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He has broad media interests and holds a PhD in Business from the London School of Economics, where he focused on developing his creative business skills. His agency launched with around 6,000 reporters, editors and copy editors across the globe from 1999-2004. In 2000, Chishti launched Amnnet Media Enterprises (now Media Talent Network) to establish a media training and development agency. He also launched the Africa Media Awards (AMS) in 2004 to promote excellence in Africa’s media industry. He also launched the world’s

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