Meet the Buzzfeed reporters who want more foreign reporting in their lives

Martin Hughes of the Buzzfeed London offices introduces many of the reporters who will make up the 2020 pool

Budapest-born South African Jeppe Buttigieg is first and foremost an up-and-coming journalist.

At the tender age of 25, Jeppe has made one stellar impression on the desk world, becoming an afternoon news reporter with the BBC for Chicago affiliate WGN. The native South African shared his road to the desk with London reporters Martin Hughes and Philip Mendoza and the trio bonded over their shared desire to get more foreign reporting skills into their postgraduate education.

Tracking down the local talent led them to a triumphant journey. According to Martin, “all the boys had common ambitions, like wanting to go to a good international school”. Martin, who arrived at the Buzzfeed office by train and doesn’t know a soul, works tirelessly for the rest of the day to produce a well-rounded profile on a “brave and driven” young South African.

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