NDP steps up its attack on Doug Ford’s pick to replace auditor general

From the National Post’s Robyn Urback:

PC Leader Doug Ford seems to have forgotten an important part of his party’s platform: His plan to restore some oversight to the auditor general by giving the position a quasi-independent oversight role.

According to Doug Ford and his followers, no Albertan would have become premier by overturning a Supreme Court decision that had handed power to the Auditor General of Alberta (and after considerable legal wrangling and $26 million in costs to the province). So let’s not interrupt some great and juicy news about the PC party by referencing a party that actually came to power in 2014 with help from a party (Progressive Conservatives) who killed off the elected, elected “governing” power of the Auditor General of Ontario?

That is obviously a huge and awful oversight. That party that put in power has no responsible in that it did such a terrible thing. Ergo … ergo … ergo … ergo.

That aside, when Ford introduced his party’s Reform Agenda, he promised to end Ontario’s secret, “extraordinary” procedure for appointing the Auditor General (one of many PCs’ Reform Agenda promises) and “restore the role of the Auditor General to be a civil servant,” meaning an independent public auditor appointed for five years by the current government.

Today, however, Ford’s nominee to replace Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk is taking over the position, despite a promise he made during the election campaign to bring back the Auditor General’s independence.

Jim McCarter, a private law firm lawyer, is replacing Lysyk, whose final day on the job was today. And just when you thought you were getting a bit used to this civil service-monikered PC’s shuffling of the deck chairs on the Titanic, Ontario’s PCs are promising to prorogue Queen’s Park once they take office this fall. Seems you’ll just have to trust in the Liberal government to do a “top to bottom” clean-up. (Just kidding. They’re just going to work on more fiscally irresponsible, unethical, ineffective, unpopular policies. For now.)

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