Paris Hilton on being a socialite

Written by Aine Froman, CNN Paris, France

Shilpa Menon, CNN Paris, France Written by Aine Froman, CNN Paris, France

Paris Hilton might have grown up surrounded by celebrities. But the socialite maintains an unusual upbringing.

The Los Angeles-born socialite has often been dubbed the she-tells-it-like-it-is girl, fighting her weight on TV in one of her many reality series, “The Simple Life” and throwing multiple parties.

In a new interview with CNN , Hilton talked about her reclusive childhood, how she initially envisioned herself as a “goody-two-shoes girl,” and why her parents always bring up her time at boarding school in boarding school, but not when she is talking about blackballing them from their respective weddings.

French actress Audrey Tautou and Hilton in the 2002 film “Amelie.” Credit: c.Disney/Everett/Rex/Shutterstock

There were no extravagant parties growing up, said Hilton, who mentioned the press had made similar comparisons in the past — but insisted it’s her.

“You know, if someone says that I’m like an (sic) party girl … it really isn’t me,” she said. “I wasn’t used to that life.

“It was very cool and people knew what to expect when they saw me in the movies … I was going on these vacations with a million dollars and taking these airplanes and eating caviar … I really didn’t have that anymore.”

Hilton was just three years old when her parents divorced and her parents’ paths began to diverge — she returned to Las Vegas, where her father Rick headed the casino giant International House of Poker, and where she grew up.

Rick Hilton runs the International House of Poker in Las Vegas. Credit: Bryan Steffy/ACE Pictures/Getty Images

“When I moved back to Las Vegas after school I started seeing all of these grownups, I had never seen them,” she said. “I have a very close-knit group of friends that I love, but there was no going to parties. There was no going to movies.”

After she finished high school, Hilton found herself “stuck,” she said.

Her father headed a team of lawyers, she went on a corporate job in Las Vegas, and they only talked about home on the rare occasions they would meet outside of work.

“We had a really bad fight about something, like an affair or something … I didn’t want to bring it up and we never talked about it,” she said.

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