Report details slaughter of worshippers in Nigeria

A summary of the most infamous scenes of Nigeria’s Jonathan government, a panel of judges has described a shootout in an upscale Lagos neighborhood as a massacre, calling on the government to arrest the perpetrators.

The killings in the Lekki Extension area of Lagos were “a massacre and thus an official homicide that must be investigated thoroughly and to bring those responsible to book,” Justice Amiru Sanusi, a Nigerian high court judge, wrote in a report. “Further criminal prosecution in any kind of court or tribunal is not an option left to us. We see criminality as our official job.”

Authorities accused the gunmen, who opened fire on worshippers in the area on Wednesday, of being Boko Haram members. The militants, who are searching for the region’s Christians, had attacked the village that year, killing 70 people. But the panel said that “no credible evidences has been presented to substantiate the involvement of Boko Haram in the Lekki incident.”

Another judge, Babatunde Odunlami, wrote in a separate report that of all the incident “that happened in Nigeria during the first quarter of 2018, we can say that we have never had anything as terrifying, as bloody and as shocking in the history of Nigeria.”

Lamido Sanusi, who is the report’s co-author, wrote that residents of the area were forced to flee their homes, and “the magnitude of the trauma and impact on the lives of all those who live there after witnessing this ghastly incident is mind boggling.”

The judges said that they would “restore the essence and achievements of democracy, protect the rights and fundamental freedoms of all Nigerians, and with a view to strengthening our democracy, strive to ensure that [Nigeria] will become a haven for human rights, where all citizens shall enjoy equal protection of the law.”

The conclusions are the latest in a series of damning reports documenting the government’s deadly record under former President Goodluck Jonathan, who ruled Nigeria for eight years ending in 2015.

Read the full story at Al Jazeera.


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