Report: Saudi Arabia Interfered in Daughter’s Capture in Turkey

The daughter of a prominent Saudi man is alleging that the kingdom instructed an employee of her father’s security agency to lure her to Istanbul in January to convince her to return home for five days of surveillance for interrogation and, potentially, a DNA test to compare to the father, as obtained by CNN.

A close associate of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who was interviewed in connection with the questioning of a Saudi team in Turkey last fall, informed CNN that Saudi officials assigned an official of MBS Salman’s security service to go to the Saudi Embassy in Ankara in January to oversee the abduction attempt.

The witness said that this threat was conveyed to the U.S. embassy in Ankara and to Flynn’s attorney, Robert Kelner, in mid-February.

The witness said his office conducted an investigation into the claims, while Flynn’s office reportedly forwarded the information to the Senate and House intelligence committees.

Flynn resigned from his post as National Security Adviser in February 2017. He and his lawyer, Robert Kelner, have since refused to disclose details of Flynn’s interviews with Turkish officials in October.

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