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Exploring how wealthy individuals can help save the world from the climate crisis BBC1 & 4, Tuesday 13 March, 2030 BST

You’re worth £4.3 billion. You could put a stop to climate change. BBC World Service

On Wednesday 13 March, BBC World Service will explore how Britain’s wealthiest individual, Richard Branson, could help save the world from the threat of climate change.

The BBC World Service presents Richard Branson: Made for Good on Tuesdays (19, 6-9pm) on BBC World Service and Radio 4.

As one of the most successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists in the world, Richard Branson is seen by many as a symbol of the potential of individuals to make a positive difference.

British adventurer, sailor and businessman Richard Branson is the founder of Virgin Group and co-founder of Virgin Unite.

He already supports causes that concern him such as the environment, space exploration and homelessness.

This documentary explores his idea of an “impact philanthropy” movement, where wealthy individuals give their money to sustainable causes.

Richard Branson: Made for Good includes interviews with Lord Stern, the former chief economist at the World Bank, and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, the Nobel Prize winner in Medicine who made a billion dollar fortune from a breakthrough in the development of cell implants.

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Richard Branson: Made for Good ends with an illustration of Richard’s philanthropic projects, including the Virgin Galactic space flights, the Virgin Earth Challenge environmental space exploration project and Virgin Earth Challenge renewable energy research.

• Richard Branson: Made for Good will be repeated on BBC World Service on Thursday 15 March at 12:45am

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