Spotify Trolls Adele’s New Album With ‘Piece by Piece’ Campaign

… And hopefully like it too.

Adele, a pop star with an adoration for all things sweet and soothing, said people would be “more interested” in her new album if they could take a few minutes to listen to it in order.

And Spotify agrees. The streaming service released its own marketing campaign called “Piece by Piece” on Friday that features every track on Adele’s new album “Adele: 25.”

The videos of the songs began with a short clip that asks people, “This is so great and I love it so much, but can you hear it one more time, one more time?” But instead of asking that on the radio, these Spotify “ambassadors” said that by listening to the whole album, it would make them want to buy the CD.

Starting January 24, fans that finished playing the entire album would receive a limited edition foil Adele poster in the mail, and Spotify plans to send out 1,000 pairs of the limited edition sunglasses that people can customize with a photo of themselves at home.

Their campaign is similar to how the giant Subway sandwich chain has sent out digital photos of consumers who complete a 5,000-piece order, and gives them an actual sandwich sent to their home.

The question of whether people will listen to new music in order to buy it — an interesting approach to marketing — has been a topic of debate among musicians since Prince rejected the practice in favor of people being able to pay for his music after it appeared for free in iTunes.

“If you feel compelled to buy a CD, buy a CD,” Prince once said to The New York Times. “If you feel compelled to buy a song, buy a song. But don’t make it your entire investment.”

Now that Adele released a new album herself that will have many people who had never listened to her music buying it, it seems a great marketing move for Spotify.

Not to mention that it is likely an extra $3 or $4 in ad revenue — assuming people listen to the album on Spotify.

The campaign is scheduled to end on Feb. 4, but regardless of whether the public stops listening to the album after just a few days, Spotify doesn’t have to pay Adele for using her music.

The singer filed a copyright complaint in October against Spotify and Apple, claiming that the companies intentionally hid ad revenue they receive from plays. The lawsuit was dropped in January.


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