The life of Tommy Mottola is being covered on OWN

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Infamous musician and real estate mogul Tommy Mottola has dated both Madonna and Christina Aguilera, but who will be his next live-in girlfriend?

In the latest trailer for the “Pam & Tommy” reality series, Mottola’s attractive and temperamental girlfriend, who is also a model, surfaces in all her trophy-wife, blonde bombshell glory.

Oh and did we mention they’ve had plenty of live-in sex tapes?

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The new series is set to air on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network, sometime later this year. The first season will follow Mottola and Goh Elle Taylor’s adventures in the romance and lifestyle of living rich and married — with kids.

Cameras have documented the relationship since 2016 when Taylor, the granddaughter of Armenian oligarch and oil baron Mehran F. Nematullah Ertegun, entered the story.

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In his autobiography, “So Different, So Fabulous,” the former Sony Music Music head claimed that the two met backstage during a Motown tribute in 2005.

To prove it, Taylor has a piece of paper taped to the front of her dressing room door. The note reads: “He’s just the man I’ve been waiting for since I was a little girl.”

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