This new private yacht claims to be the world’s largest privately-owned boat

A Gulfstream-G550 jet, a 285-foot, 648-bottle refrigerated wine cellar, and a bulletproof bunker housing more than 700,000 gallons of fuel. Sounds like the name of a private jet. It is, sort of, and it’s the world’s largest privately-owned yacht.

The “legendary” Type 73 is 70 feet longer than a Boeing 747 but is longer even than the world’s biggest passenger jet. Once it’s complete, it’ll be called the Kestrel and owned by the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, a private liberal arts college. In 2001, the boat cost an estimated $600 million to construct.

The Academy is hoping to use the boat — which would no doubt entertain presidents, dictators and celebrities — as a performing arts center for its graduates. The yacht is planned to be finished in 2018.

The boat was initially for sale for $700 million in 2014, but that price was recently reduced to $564 million. The boat is not subject to taxes, and has been described as a “natural next step” for those who want to “own the world’s most exclusive floating home.”

Below is a rendering of the yacht’s interior. Do these unique details remind you of anything?

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