Tiger Woods is getting into the swing of things again


Tiger Woods posted his first video of him swinging a golf club since he crashed his car into a tree in early May, and while it is without sound and his words aren’t very clear, it is a sign that he is getting back into the swing of things.

The clip shows Woods hitting a golf ball at full speed onto a parking lot, then puts him into an indoor green, while he takes on the challenge of hitting the ball from short range. Afterward, he said that he was “still working on things,” but is “ready to go back out there soon.”

“Still working on things, gotta get everything just right,” Woods said. “Got to get it secure in front of me and just get more of an alignment so I’m looking forward to hopefully starting my first tournament on the PGA Tour again.”

Woods’ retirement came amid criticism of his golf game, especially after he failed to make the cut at the 2017 Players Championship, where he underwent two back surgeries.

His only appearance on tour was in September, when he was an assistant captain on the victorious American Ryder Cup team.

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