Toronto schools dish out free sanitary napkins to non-vaccinated kids

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As the city braces for a record-setting number of unvaccinated kids due to a new school board policy, there’s a new promotion in town. It’s aimed at kids who refuse their vaccinations.

This month, Toronto’s King Schools is asking parents to show proof of their children’s vaccinations, and then print out a form with their child’s immunization score. The form will eventually end up on a list that every family will receive to help inform their own education choice. The King Schools campaign is being run in partnership with local businesses, who are giving discounts or other prizes for kids who bring a form in to show proof of vaccinations.

“It’s kind of a pilot. It’s an amazing opportunity for people to come into the school and get their kids vaccinated,” says Elizabeth Olson, head of marketing and communications at King Schools. “If they had to think about deciding whether or not they wanted to have their kids vaccinated, perhaps it will have a different impact on their lives.”

Singapore-based lifestyle company V-Anette partnered with Toronto’s King Schools for the campaign, which also includes stickers and a free sanitary pad gift for every school nurse who reports back on the vaccination eligibility.

“We work very much on a concept of routine. When you take routine steps, you’re helping reduce infections,” says Zal Khalas, who founded V-Anette in 2001. “People don’t think about being held accountable. The reason people don’t come in to get their kids vaccinated is because the administration is behind the times.”

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