Toronto’s car-jammed street is a temporary parking zone

Written by By Isabel Hirsch, CNN Toronto, Canada

A busy street in Toronto has seen its curbside curb wired for snow removal and a temporary no-parking zone.

The city’s city officials told CNN they were working to lift the temporary barrier, set up following an accident on July 30.

Initially, the closure lasted just two days.

The collision on Dundas Street West involved a snowplow falling onto a parked car.

Now, it has been down for six months. It closes off the entire street between Victoria Park Avenue and Sherbourne Street.

The city provided no explanation for its unexpected decision.

But for the thousands of drivers who use the street to get around, it’s been a frustrating and puzzling shift.

John David, who lives nearby, told CNN that he uses his van every day, and is very frustrated.

“I spend way more money in this area than I spend in any other, and I would pay a lot more to park, even if I were to purchase two tickets every day of the week.

“Why was my new car totally crippled when I had to pay $300 to repair it and I ended up going to work 20-30 minutes late on a day of no commuting?”

He added: “At this point, I wonder if the city is going to put up signs that it will cost more money to park in the future.”

The city’s director of transportation, Adam Yan, told CNN in an email that the work had started in May and was now almost completed.

“As for parking, we are in the process of fully open up the area, and will be testing new signs during the next few days to ensure that the signs are accurate and in compliance with all municipal regulations,” he said.

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