What is your mind on? Time, and the end of it | Jonathan Bagshaw

I love knowing it’s all on purpose. This year’s London clocks chime at 3am and then another not far after that, so they’re only beeping for 20 or so minutes before the full alarm! I know this because I’ve been looking forward to this every time I open my eyes in the morning. It makes me feel happy inside.

It’s been so different this time around, there are so many more buttons to monitor. There’s the bedside light, the fridge timer, the washing machine time and room temperature and the lights that go on when you have the wi-fi activated in your bedroom (just in case you’re going to spend the night there).

Obviously these will be switched off for the rest of the year, as with a lot of other clocks. It’s all going to be switched off in 2020, when – let’s hope – it will become more sentient and understand its surroundings. And perhaps if you’re feeling naughty, you can push on the beep button too!

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