Where in the World Does Airport Security Checkpoints Go?

St. Denis in Ottawa, Canada

Canadian international airport (Geoff Robins, The Canadian Press)

St. Denis Airport in Ottawa, Canada. According to the Office of the Director of Civil Aviation, “St. Denis Airport is the largest airport on Canada’s north side, providing direct nonstop connections to both the United States and Europe. ” It’s the gateway to Northern Ontario.

Inrzanskoye Mountain in the Siberian municipality of Mariptskoye (Alexey Makarov, Russian Railways Corporation), Russia

The Inirzanskoye Mountain railroad (Etonreut Goron) passes through the mountain. (Nickocinikas Savvidis, Russian Railways Corporation)

Nikolayevskoye mountain, near Manas (Hyrkiel Raduzov, Russian Railways Corporation)

Nikolayevskoye mountain (Nickocinikas Savvidis, Russian Railways Corporation)

St. Louis’s Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (Mike Millen, The STL News)

Louisville International Airport (Andy Lyons, Louisville Courier-Journal)

Indiana International Airport in Indianapolis (Robert Cohen, Indiana Radio News)

Toledo/St. Maarten International Airport (Laura Wylie, Toledo Blade)

Waikiki Airport in Honolulu (Ali Baker, Hawaii News Now)

Munich’s Tegel International Airport (John Andre, Deutsche Welle)

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